Grey & Gold

Designers of the interior sometimes offer a completely incredible combination of colors and styles. For example, a combination of gray with gold and classical style with a modern one - just the way Sergey Savateev did it in his project. Gray is usually considered to be boring for many people. However, today it is one of the major colors for such interior styles as loft, minimalism, high-tech. Gray is also used in the classical style, it is the base for the Scandinavian style and the "Provence". The color of the desire for solitude, peace and relaxation. As the primary color of the interior, it is best suited to those who work with people or engaged in heavy mental work. In search of new combinations designer Sergey Savateev decided to supplement a gray with pompous and rich gold. So the project Grey & Gold was created. These colors perfectly contrast and complement each other, their tandem is organic, as the neighborhood of the shadow and the sun. The walls, ceiling, furniture, curtains, floor are made in grey. Only the shades and the color saturation are different. Gold was added with additional parts and accessories. Such as frames for paintings, hood above the working area in the form of two parallel pipes, a glass table framed by thin gold tubules, legs of golden chairs, vases, statuettes, some elements of dishes. A lot of glass was also used in design: furniture with glass doors, a chandelier made of thin glass, embodied in the form of soap bubbles, sconces, lamps. The designer took the risk not only to create an unusual pair of colors, but also to combine several styles in one project. It becomes more and more popular now to blend different styles and directions in the interior. For all that one style must necessarily dominate and the second must complement it. For example, wall decoration, the furniture are made in the main style, also the color is selected by it. And in the additional - accessories and decoration items. In Grey & Gold project the author combined classical techniques with fresh trends presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan exhibition in April 2018. When the non-trivial combinations are found, but all the details in the interior are consistent with the overall concept, the result is excellent. That comes up with Sergey Savateev project Gray & Gold.

  • 180 m2
  • Moscow
  • Neoclassic